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Rich & Mandy in Sunflowers-1 (shadowed)

I am fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. My goal is to share the beauty of Colorado by drawing the viewer into my images. I do this through the use of a technique known as photo merging. Some of my merged pictures consist of hundreds of individual photographs seamlessly quilted into a single panorama. The resulting prints are large and highly detailed. Another key advantage of this technique is that it permits me to achieve extreme depth of field by using multiple focus settings. This allows the objects in the distance as well as those in the foreground to remain in focus in the same composite image. The result can provide a simulated 3-dimensional effect.

The images on this website are relatively large so if you have a slow connection they may take a while to load but when they do they will show some of the detail in my merged images. Nevertheless, even with a good monitor they look much better when printed using the process described below. All of these images are under copy write protection. Feel free to use, share and enjoy them (with attribution to this website) for personal use. If you are interested in commercial use of these photos please contact me. 

I have priced my work to make it affordable to display in your home or office. Unless noted otherwise prices are for high resolution (240dpi) prints mounted on 1/4" plywood board and "floated" from the wall on a 1" box. They are laminated under a non-glare UV filter to provide a durable surface and fade resistance. Prints come ready to hang and they can be shipped directly. My panoramas are produced at Picture This Superior. Sizes shown are typical although quality prints may be ordered in larger or smaller sizes (price is a function of area). I have also reformatted and printed many of my images under a 24"x18" matt with a foam core backing. Each is packaged in a protective envelope and includes a time and geo-tagged label. Ready to Frame Matted Prints are priced at $50 USD. If you are interested in discussing a print you can contact me at or 303.884.6788.

As an avid hiker I can often be found with my camera, tripod and trusty dog Mountain Mandy searching for new visual treasures.  For more of my photographs with narrative from our wanderings please visit my blog called "Tales from the Trails".

I enjoy portraying Colorado through my photography and I hope that you take your time and wander through my gallery.


My Favorite Place for Spring Color

Shanahan Ridge Blue Mist (70"x 20") $450

Captured 06 June 2013 10:42am @ 3957'53.19"N 10515'51.77"W


Boulder's South Mesa Trail

My Favorite Place for Late Summer & Fall Color

South Mesa Late Summer Vista (50"x30") 4 Rows of 15 Images

Captured 17 September 2017 9:30am @

 3956'32.36"N 10515'42.83"W



South Mesa Sumac Vista 2008 (80"x17") 3 rows of 15 images

Captured 13 October 2008 10:30am @

3956'25.45"N 10515'36.88"W

South Mesa Sumac 2015 (38"x35") $400 (5 rows of 10 images)
Captured 10 October 2015 9:07am
3956'25.45"N 10515'36.88"W

Boulder's Minty Bergamot

(click for story)

Bear Peak Bergamot Vista (63"x32") $450 (4 Rows of 43 images)

Captured 23 July 2009 11:15am @ 3957'36.12"N 10516'47.56"W


Bear Peak Bergamot Vista-2 (54"x24") $425 (6 Rows of 16 Images)

Captured 18 July 2015 10:51am @ 3957'36.12"N 10516'47.56"W


Spring at The Boulder Flatirons

Spring Flatirons with Lilacs (42"x32") $325 (6 rows of 11 images)
Captured 26 May 2016 8:30am
39.999916N, -105.283615W



Summer at The Boulder Flatirons

Summer at The Boulder Flatirons

Summer Flatirons (48"x20") $275 (2 rows of 12 images)
Captured 29 June 2013 6:45am @  3959'53.21"N 10516'59.77"W

Summer Flatirons-2 (87"x40") $550 (6 rows of 16 images)
Captured 25 July 2013 8:22am @  3959'53.21"N 10516'59.77"W


Morning Reflection at Sprague Lake

 These Continental Divide Peaks are (from left) Thatchtop (12,668), Taylor (13,153), Otis (12,486), Hallett (12,713), Tyndall Glacier, Flattop Mt. (12,324), Notchtop (12,129)

Sprague Lake (53"x23") $400 (5 rows of 13 images)

Captured 3 July 2015 6:47am @  4019'12.81"N 10536'9.47"W

Morning at the Lake Revealed a Moose Surprise... (Click for Story)...

Sprague Lake (60"x25") $450 (4 Rows of 11 Images)

 A Moose Surprise...Captured 24 July 2011 6:30am @  4019'12.81"N 10536'9.47"W



The Indian Peaks (
63"x12") $275

 2 rows of 32 images

The View of Boulder Colorado's Back Yard - The Indian Peaks Wilderness

Maroon Bells Reflections (32"x32")

5 rows of 9 images (click for story)

Here's My Take on Colorado's Most Photographed Mountains


Maroon Bell Reflections

The Jean Lunning Trail

4 rows of 15 images

This Trail in the Indian Peaks Wilderness is my favorite summer wildflower place


Jean Lunning Wildflower Vista (77"x33") $500

Captured 6 August 2014 12:30pm @ 40 4'28.06"N 10535'14.99"W

Shanahan Ranch Cows at Moonset (100"x20")

..and who doesn't love cows?

Shanahan Farm Cows

Captured19 January 2014 7:30am @  3958'7.09"N 10514'15.13"W



Sunset at Superstition Mountain

A recent trip to the Sonoran Desert...

Superstition Sunset

Superstition Sunset (70x17)


 Captured 10 December 2012  5:00pm @ 3328'41.53"N 11114'21.43"W



Homestead Sumac Pine Vista (66x23)

Captured 21 October 2012 10:30am @

 3956'34.87"N 10516'10.75"W


Eldorado Mountain Vista (50x23)

Captured 23 October 2012 11:30am @

395618.81″N 105169.29″W


Summer at Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

This photo is a good example of the infinite depth of field that panoramic photography makes possible.

This merged photo consists of 7 images across by 6 images high (42 images). The file is 360 meg.

Each image is individually focused permitting the objects in the foreground and background to be in sharp focus.

This is not possible with optics alone.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (28"x38")

Captured 9 July 2012 2:00pm @ 4454'20.34"N 11023'40.63"W


Teton Reflections (56"x16")

Captured 11 July 2012 7:20am @ 4351'59.90"N 11033'1.97"W

This merged photo consists of 17 images in one row. The file is 256 meg.



Grand Teton Dawn Vista (156"x12")

Captured 12 July 2012 6:50am @  4352'51.12"N 11034'46.74"W

This merged photo consists of 25 images in one row. The file is 605 meg.




Spring at the Boulder Flatirons

This merged photo consists of 9 images across by 6 images high (54 images). The file is 455mb.

Spring Flatirons Flora (42"x28")

Captured 21 May 2012 7:10am @ 3959'59.22"N 10517'20.25"W



Fall at the Boulder Flatirons

First Flatiron Fall Color (38"x24")

Captured 23 October 2011 Noon @  3959'40.74"N 10517'14.46"W



The Chautauqua Ranger Cottage (Visitor Center) Display

I am currently displaying this photo-merged panoramic image



Summer at The Boulder Flatirons

Summer Flatirons (60"x25") $275 (2 rows of 12 images)
Captured 29 June 2013 6:45am @  3959'53.21"N 10516'59.77"W


Rocky Mountain National Park Fall Aspen Series

This series was captured in Rocky Mountain National Park, one of my favorite places to enjoy Colorado...

Glacier Basin Vista (82x20) $500

Captured 4 October 2011 9:45am @ 4019'2.51"N  10537'42.93"W

Nymph Lake Vista (93x29) $650

Captured 4 October 2011 11:30am @ 4018'36.73"N  10539'5.79"W


Bierstadt Moraine Vista (60x27) $375

Captured 1 October 2010 9:30am @ 4019'19.47"N  10537'24.40"W


Beaver Meadow Aspens (65x27) $400

Captured 14 October 2010 11:15am @ 4021'32.82"N  10535'42.48"W


Inside a Golden Aspen Grove (67x27) $400

Captured 14 October 2010 9:30am @ 4021'25.55"N  10536'7.20"W


Moraine Park Golding Groves (54x26)

Captured 14 October 2010 9:15am @ 4021'33.52"N 10535'53.94"W


Golden Aspen Arch (12x24)

Captured 14 October 2010 9:27am @ 4021'25.55"N  10536'7.20"W


Indian Peaks Series

This series was captured in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

South St. Vrain Indian Peaks Vista (51x23)

Captured 15 September 2010 1:00pm @ 40.068581,-105.609598 (Isabelle Glacier Trail)

Long Lake Indian Peaks Vista (60x30)

Captured 15 September 2010 10:30am @ 40.075313,-105.587325

Lake Isabelle & Glacier (50"x25")

 Captured 05 August 2009 1:40pm @ 40 4'11.30"N  10537'15.78"W


Brainard Lake Indian Peaks Vista (98x22)

Captured 26 July 2010 6:45am @ 40.07753,-105.572498 (Brainard Lake)

Rocky Mountain High Flowers (48x28)

Captured 15 July 11:40am @ 40.074049,-105.587604 (Jean Lunning Trail- Indian Peaks Wilderness)

Indian Peaks Wildflower Carpet (28"x27")

Captured 22 July 2009 11am @ 40 4'28.06"N 10535'14.99"W


Red Rock Lake Lilies (83"x23") (Nuphar luteum polysepala)

Captured 15 July 2010  12:45am @ 40.081109,-105.542071


Featured Non-Panoramas


Bierstadt Moraine Golden Aspens

Captured 1 October 2010 9:30am @ 4019'19.47"N  10537'24.40"W


The cloudy weather did have its silver lining because when I looked back at Maroon Lake on my soggy trek back to the trailhead the "dreams that I dared to dream really did come true"...

Maroon Rain Bells

Captured 31 August 2010 1:30pm @ 39.098711,-106.943257 (Maroon Lake Colorado)

I spent several hours tracking down this rare beauty...

Colorado Calypso Orchid ( Calypso bulbosa)

Captured 21 June 2010 11:15 pm on Ceran St. Vrain Trail

Red Columbine Trio

Captured 27 May 2010 12:00 pm in No Name Canyon Colorado @ 39.568646, -107.292888


More Panoramas

Early spring on the drive to Boulder offers this snow capped vista. I captured this on Route 36, it consists of 69 images in 3 rows of 23...

On the Road to Boulder Colorado (85"x30") $800

Captured 09 May 2010 7:50 am @ 39.968586,-105.191914

Ouray Colorado Vista (51"x25") (69 images in 3 rows of 23)

Captured 1 July 2010  10:15am @ 38.023146,-107.662877

Amphitheatre Campground/Uncompahgre National Forest


Moraine Park Golden Banner (50"x21") (69 images in 3 rows of 23)

Captured 15 June, 2010  8:15am @ 40.357803,-105.598172 in Rocky Mountain National Park


South Mesa Sumac Vista (97"x25") $650

Captured 28 Sept 2009 11:30am @  3956'25.45"N 10515'36.88"W

South Mesa Wintermoon Vista  (63"x30") $450

Captured 23 Feb 2010 9:07 am @  3956'25.45"N 10515'36.88"W



South Mesa Fall Vista (65"x14") $300

Captured 09 Oct 2008 9:30am @  3956'25.45"N 10515'36.88"W



Caribou Ranch Aspen Gold-1 (60x19) $375

Captured 27 September 2009 1:45pm @ 3958'53.69"N 10531'9.96"W




Caribou Ranch Aspen Gold-2 (46x18)

Captured 20 September 2014 12:06pm @ 3958'53.69"N 10531'9.96"W


Boulder Matron in Autumn (40"x48") $400

Captured 6 Oct 2009 11:30am @ 3956'39.34"N 10516'59.81"W



Caribou Ranch Aspen Vista (85x32) $600

Captured 27 September 2009 2:15pm @ 3958'55.61"N 10531'10.87"W



East Beckwith Mountain Vista (50"x32") $400
Captured 25 September 2009 11:30am @ 3851'42.67"N 107 6'54.62"W


Kebler Pass Aspen Vista (78"x23") $400
Captured 25 September 2009 11:40am @ 3852'5.15"N 107 9'59.85"W




Green Mountain Bergamot Vista (40"x20) $225

Captured 27 July 2009 @ 9:45am @ 3958'8.64"N  10516'6.70"W


Lower North Shanahan Ridge Vista (46"x23") $275

Captured 3 July 2009 10:45am @ 3958'8.85"N 10515'51.75"W


St. Vrain Creek (54"x26") $400

Captured 14 July 2009 Noon @ 40 5'13.52"N 10535'38.75"W




The following three panoramic images were captured during my visit to Crested Butte, "The Wildflower Capital of Colorado".

This 60 image panorama was taken of Mt. Crested Butte with a field of Little Pink Elephants Pedicularis groenlandica in the foreground. It was taken on July 1st 2009 at 4:30 pm MDT     

Mt. Crested Butte Pink Elephant Herd (40"x28") $275

3852'54.19"N 10657'58.94"W


I took this 50 image panorama from Brush Creek Road facing Gothic Mountain on July 1st 2009 at  11:00am MDT

Brush Canyon Wildflower Vista (100"x25") $550

3853'32.55"N 10653'50.72"W



This 42 image panorama was taken in the Slate River Valley facing Purple Mt. and Mt. Owen on July 2nd 2009 @ Noon.

Note the two cyclists on the road to Paradise...

The Road to Paradise Colorado (37"x22") $225

3854'39.43"N 107 1'27.83"W

South Mesa Aster Vista (120"x32") $700

Captured 11 July 2009  9:30am @ 3956'45.79"N 10516'13.67"W



Shanahan Ridge Spring Forest (56"x19") $350

Captured 05 June 2009 10:30am @ 3957'53.19"N 10515'51.77"W



Spring Frosted Flatirons (36"x15") $200

Captured 27 March 2009 at Noon MDT @  3959'46.17"N 10517'15.42"W



Eldora Aspen Chorus (50"x14") $250

Captured 26 Sept 2008 10:15am @   3956'54.93"N 10533'47.78"W



Longs Peak Aspen Vista (60"x24") $400

Captured 25 Sept 2008 1:15pm @   4015'11.87"N 10532'12.51"W



Spring Shanahan Wallflower Vista (21"x21") $200

Captured 19 May 2008 11:40am @   3957'56.98"N 10515'55.42"W


Spring Shanahan Wildflower Vista (22"x30") $250

Captured 8 June 2008 9:30am @  3957'52.02"N 10515'39.12"W



Shanahan Ridge Wildflower Watercolor (80"x26.5") $525

captured 2 June 2007 11:00am @ 3957'55.48"N 10516'24.31"W

(Digital Watercolor)



Shanahan Ridge Wildflower Vista (60"x20") $350

captured 2 June 2007 11:00am @ 3957'55.48"N 10516'24.31"W



Boulder Falls (18" x 23") $225
captured 30 June 2008 2:00 pm @ 40 0'20.44"N 10524'22.77"W




Fall Flatirons Vista (48"x16") $225

Captured Fall 2006 @  3959'46.17"N 10517'15.42"W



Urban Flora (96"x12") $300 /Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

captured 11 June 2007 7:40am @ 3541'9.10"N10556'40.71"W



Arenal Volcano Vista (45"x15") $250 /Costa Rica

captured 2 Feb 2008 6:50am @  1027'43.34"N  8442'16.32"W



Spring Flatirons Vista (50"x30") $400

captured 30 May 2007 8:00am @ 3959'56.91"N 10517'19.71"W


Ready to Frame Matted Prints $50

The following prints are mounted under a 24"x18" matt with a foam core backing. Each is packaged in a protective envelope and includes a geo-tagged label.

Maroon RainBells


Caribou Ranch Aspen Gold


Inside a Golden Aspen Grove


Spring Frosted Flatirons


Boulder Matron in Autumn


Bear Peak Bergamot Vista



Indian Peaks Wildflower Carpet



Mt. Crested Butte Elephant Herd



South Mesa Fall Vista



Boulder Falls



Literary Pearl Street Tulips



Ranger Columbines



Eldora Aspen Chorus



Tulip Fandango



Shanahan Ridge Wallflower Vista



Shanahan Ridge Wildflower Vista



Santa Fe Urban Flora



Poppy Fireworks



Morning Pasqueflowers



Longs Peak Aspen Vista



Flatirons Yellow Banner




Tulip Mug Shot


Note Card 6 Packs $20

Four assortments of  Colorado 8"x5.5" (A9) Note Cards are available for purchase. Images are printed on high quality fade resistant card stock. Each image is identified with it's capture time, date and GPS coordinates (geo-tag). Cards come in a clear plastic gift box and include 6 mailing envelopes.


Colorado Aspens

6 Pack of Note Cards & Envelopes





These prints reveal the beauty of small things in nature

Spring Beauty in the Rockies

Captured 04 April 2010 12:45 pm @  39.923108, -105.276800



Ranger Columbines

captured 23 June 2008 @ 10:25 am @ 

 3959'32.40"N 10518'24.24"W



Poppy Fireworks (13"x19") $125

captured 19 June 2008 11:20am @ 3956'26.22"N 10515'55.09"W






Tulip Fandango (12"x18") $125

captured 14 May 2007 9:00am @ 40 1'6.27"N 10516'39.13"W


Literary Pearl Street Tulips (12"x18") $125

captured 26 April 2007 8:15am @ 40 1'3.67"N 10516'51.34"W


Windswept Pearl Street Tulips (12"x18") $125

captured 22 April 2007 3:15pm @ 40 1'3.67"N 10516'51.34"W


Flatirons Golden Banner (12"x18")  $125

captured 16 May 2007 9:30am @ 3959'48.35"N 10517'0.99"W




Flocked Chautauqua Ponderosa (12"x18") $125

captured 8 April 2007 11:50am @ 3959'36.60"N 10517'16.11"W








Shadow Canyon Bee on Apple Blossom

Fritillary on the Trail

Two Fritillaries on Pink Flowers

Fritillary on Bergamot

Flatirons Wallflower



Inside A Red Pearl Street Tulip


Gregory Canyon Evening Primrose


Inside A White Pearl Street Tulip (15x10") @ 240 ppi

Chautauqua Indian Paintbrush


Red Fly Agaric Mushroom

Love on Gum Weed


Spring Beauty -1


Hairy Pasqueflowers



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